NICT is acknowledged for offering great administration in Online Payments for years. We are always committed to offering the digital trade of micro payments of services as well as remittances in a synchronized environment. We are the major payments solutions provider in India

Your PNB CSP apply will make you a retailer of NICT through which we will allow you to offer the entire banking services of the Punjab National Bank with a handsome monthly salary and attractive commissions. You will be capable of converting your consumer service point into a mini Punjab National Bank by offering the entire banking services of the bank. However, all you need to become our retailer is a retail outlet, a computer, an internet connection, and a printer. With the nominal investment, you will be capable of earning a substantial amount for the services you render on behalf of the Punjab National Bank.

However, you are supposed to note that you need to open your retail outlet in any of the rural or in the villages of India. This is for the reason that most of the people living in these areas are not getting access to banking services. Therefore opening a service point of NICT in these localities will not only allow you to meet the everyday banking needs of the rural public. It will also fetch you a considerable amount of money in the form of salary and commission. Above all, you will get the peace of mind in knowing that you are able to satisfy your customers through your banking services.

As a retailer of NICT, you can offer online payment processing as well as money transfer services to your rural customers with the help of your mobile phone, point-of-sale, as well as with your internet connection. As a leading service provider in India the major goal of our firm is to serve the Telecom operators, DTH Operators, Banks, multiple Services Providers, and Pan India of the country.

With the Customer Service Point of NICT, you will be functioning as a mini Punjab National Bank by performing limited transactions as well as sourcing of business. Thus, you will be capable of assisting your rural clients to deposit their money into their PNB savings accounts or withdraw their money from their accounts. Thus, you are fulfilling the economical needs of each of your customers living in rural areas and the villages of the country.

There are many beneficial reasons for becoming a Bank Mitra or opening a customer service point of NICT. Besides offering various banking services to your rural patrons, you will also be working as an agent or a representative of the Punjab National Bank. You will also be getting a fixed monthly wage in addition to appealing commissions from the bank for your services.

If you want to meet your economic needs easily and effectively, then the only easiest way to achieve your goals is the PNB CSP apply. This will allow you to become a CSP agent or a business correspondent of the Punjab National Bank. By grabbing this great opportunity, you can become a Bank Mitra for the Punjab National Bank and can earn more money in your life.

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