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Eligiblity for Opening and Maintaining of NICT CSP

  1. उम्र कम-से-कम 18 वर्ष (AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE)
  2. कम्प्यूटर का सामान्य ज्ञान रखने वाले (COMPUTER LITERATE)
  3. कार्य मेंअपनी कुछ पूंजी लगा सकने की क्षमता वाले (WILLING TO INVEST SOME MONEY IN PROJECT)
  4. जिम्मेवार (RESPONSIBLE)
  5. कर्मठ (LABOURIOUS)
  6. बेरोजगार ब्यक्ति (UNEMPLOYED)

When you apply online for CSP to become a service provider of NICT, you will turn out to be a retail partner of the fastest growing company in India. You will also be greatly recognized in your area as a leading service provider of banking services.

As a CSP provider of NICT, you will have a great opportunity to provide your rural customers with a number of essential banking services according to their needs. Through these services, you can earn a civilized commission on all of their transactions, as well. Your clients will be capable of paying bills, buying recharges, making travel bookings, and availing a range of banking as well as financial services from your customer service point.

As a service provider of NICT, you will get a plethora of other benefits including:

  • Catering to the needs of your customers through an extensive array of services
  • Zero percent downtime
  • An upfront payment on all transactions
  • Branding as well as marketing support
  • Real-time transactions
  • Amplified customer faithfulness as well as footfall
  • Immediate Query Resolutions
  • Great offers, margins, and deals

On applying for a CSP provider of NICT, you will be only some steps away from opening your new business. All you require is a retail shop, computer, the Internet, and the eagerness to make money.

NICT has been acknowledged for providing immense administration in Online Payments for the past 18 years. As the major payment solutions provider in India, the company provides the digital business of micro payments of services as well as remittances in a synchronized environment.

As a CSP provider of the company, you will be capable of providing your customers with its comprehensive payment processing as well as money transfer services online. You can offer these services with the help of PoS, mobile, and web. The major goal of the company is to serve the Telecom and DTH Operators, Banks, multiple Services Providers, and PAN India of the country.

The Customer Service Point of NICT functions as a mini bank by performing restricted transactions as well as sourcing of business. It assists the rural population to deposit as well as to withdraw their money easily and quickly whenever they need cash.

There are several beneficial reasons for applying for and opening a CSP Bank Mitra to work as a business correspondent or representative of the Bank. The major benefit is that you will be getting a fixed salary regardless of the bank or its branch, besides getting an attractive commission. You will also be capable of grabbing the greatest opportunity to turn out to be Bank Mitra for all leading banks in India.

Some of the services you can offer to your customers by becoming a CSP provider of NICT include:
When you have a CSP, you will become Business Correspondent as well as Technology Service Provider to many greatest banks in India.

You will become a proud owner of a CSP Kiosk, through which you will be capable of offering both private, as well as government services at the doorstep of citizens all across India.

You can make the Money Transfer process of your customers a breeze. You can offer this service at all Outlets, ranging from Tier I to Tier III cities to Tier IV Towns, assisting your customers to transfer their money anywhere at any time.

Above all, you can do Utility Payments on behalf of your customers to pay all kinds of bills, including electricity, mobiles, telephone, and water bills with all types of devices, such as mobile, laptop, etc.

" बनिए बैंक मित्र एवं करिये अपने सपनों को साकार "

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