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NICT or Network for Information and Computer Technology is an Indore-based firm. We are devoted to offering a range of banking services to the rural people or villagers of Madhya Pradesh through our well-established customer service points or CSPs.

NICT, which was established on 31/10/2001, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has been powered by 18 years of service quality in the digital industry of micro payments of services as well as payments in a real-time setting. We are the major Payment Solutions Provider of India and our business entails service aggregation as well as distribution by making use of PoS, mobile, and internet for online disbursement dispensation and money transfer services.

At NICT, we empower a range of large layout retail chains, bank websites, telecom as well as bank-directed mobile wallets, and government domains to facilitate customers the right to use merchant payments with no trouble.

With a physically powerful innovation team, the proprietary technology, as well as the app of our firm, is available for merchants, retailers, and customers, on any inclinations of access. The services that we offer can be accessed from an assortment of sources, including online, Point of Sale machines, or through a Mobile Wallet app.

NICT is devoted to offering a big bouquet of services, which are integrated into a single transaction and payment-processing gateway. Some of our professional and dedicated services include Prepaid and Postpaid services. We also offer a variety of services, which are based on subscriptions, such as:

  • Recharges
  • Mobile Money Transfer
  • Ticketing
  • Bill Payments

We have vast experience and great expertise in offering a range of other subscriptions-based services for all foremost service providers across a range of industries, including:

  • Telecom
  • Internet Broadband
  • Direct‐to‐home TV
  • Cinema Tickets
  • Railway, bus, and Airlines Travel services
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Music as well as Movie Downloads
  • Gaming

The mission of NICT is to establish a healthy countrywide payment ecosystem in an impeccably networked setting, by making use of mobile technology to bring payments as well as remittances in real time.

Our year-old vision is to motivate trust as well as to change lives of rural people through innovation in digital payments, fostering financial and social inclusion.

Over the decades, NICT has been at the front position of financial inclusion in India. By digitizing money, we are capable of changing the lives of the rural population. Some of our core values include:

Trust: Trust will naturally build a relation, which can be built when an individual can count on one, whenever and wherever. At our firm, we aim to bring the same through our professional services to our staff as well as to our customers.
Honesty: We believe that honesty is one of the vital values for our business to keep it moving forward. Moreover, we always ensure that we are sincere in our services by keeping our workers as well as our customers in mind.

Fervor: We are extremely passionate about the whole thing we perform that includes keeping a friendly relationship with our staff and strong relations with our customers. We achieve this by offering the best of our services to them and meeting their needs.

Reliability: We consider in being candid and having strong ethical principles, externally and internally. We also ensure that we keep our moral principles in mind before delivering our services.
Collaboration: When several hands merge and filled with devotion and inspiration to attain a certain goal, it becomes better and easier. We think that we can perk up our services as well as quality together.

To know more about our company, visit our official website, www.nictcsp.org.in. You can also email your queries to nict@nictcsp.org.in and www.nictcsp.org.in.

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