NICT CSP disclaims any responsibility for the removal, the breakdown to store, the wrong delivery, or the early delivery of any material or information. We deny any responsibility for any damage due to accessing or downloading any material or information, quality of servers or services, games, services, products, or sites, annulment of competitions and prizes.

We deny any responsibility for if you finance or subscribe to one of our charge-based or fee-based services. You will not be due for a refund because of any service outages, which are caused by our server maintenance or the technology that underlies our websites, breakdown of our contractors, etc.

We do not guarantee that our sites will be error free or uninterrupted. Additionally, we do not offer any service contract as to the content on our websites. Our sites, as well as their content, are shared on an as-is, and, as-available basis.

Any material or information that you contact, download or otherwise get through our sites is done at your own prudence, capability, acceptance, and menace. You will be exclusively accountable for any prospective damages to your computer structure or loss of information because of your download of any such information or material.

We or our licensors or partners or associates do not promise that:
(i) Our websites will meet your needs
(ii) Our websites will be timely, uninterrupted, safe, or error free
(iii) The outcomes that may be attained from the use of our sites will be reliable or precise
(iv) The quality of any merchandise, services, material, or other information that you buy or acquire through our sites will fulfill your expectations
(v) Any errors will be corrected.

We or our licensors or partners or associates do not offer any guarantees of any type, either articulate or implied, including, without restraint, assurance of title or indirect guarantee of merchant ability or suitability for a particular reason, with respect to our sites. Therefore, the above limits or omissions may not apply to you. In such situations, our legal responsibility and the responsibility of our third-party content providers and their concerned agents shall be restricted to the greatest level allowed by law.

Any events, services, or competitions, which need specific consent or power from the legislative body or government consent in India or board of directors, shall be deemed terminated or canceled. If such approvals or powers are denied whether before the events, services, or competitions are organized, conducted or offered, you shall not be entitled to make any demands, refund, or claims, whatever be the nature, direct or indirect.

You are also not eligible to claim a refund because of the rejection after the beginning or completion of the events, services, or competitions, by approval order, laws, notice, rules, injunctions, regulations, court orders, or the order of any authority or statutory body.

In the case of cancellation or termination of any events, services, or competitions, you shall not be allowed for any sort of refund, demands, or claims, whatsoever the nature, whether it is direct or indirect. On the other hand, if any claim is approved by any court on any occasion, it shall be accepted and paid after some years as laid down by NICT CSP.

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