1. Who are the agents of NICT CSP?

The agents of NICT CSP are people who act as business correspondents of the banks and offer their services in support of banks at places where it is not possible to open a branch of the banks.

2. What are the benefits of becoming a NICT CSP?

The customer service point of NICT will offer you an opportunity to work with all leading banks in India to offer an assortment of banking services. This will allow you to get attractive incentives as well as handsome commissions for offering different banking services. You will also get a commission on money deposit, cash withdrawal, accounts opening, Credit Card payments, and Bill Payments when you function as a service provider of the banks.

3. Who can become a representative of NICT CSP?

Any organization, individual, or firm can become an agent of NICT CSP. Individuals, who desire to become NICT CSP are supposed to be attained the age of 18 years or above and they should pass their 10th standard examination. In addition to this, you are required to possess, though not essential, some basic acquaintance with computers. This will enable you to carry out your job at ease.

4. Where can I open my NICT CSP?

In agreement with the circular of the government of India and Reserve Bank of India, you are required to open your CSP in rural areas of the country, where there are no banking services available to the public.

5. What jobs should I perform on becoming a CSP of NICT?

As a CSP of NICT, you are required to assist people to open a savings bank account under varied government policies as well as schemes, including the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna. You are responsible for the money deposit acceptance, money withdrawal, the Kisaan Credit Card process, Subsidy transfer, as well as direct benefits transfer.

6. What are the requisites to become a NICT CSP?

If you would like to become a CSP of NICT to a bank, you are supposed to boast things, such as an Internet connection, a computer, Printer, and a retail outlet or an office with 150 square feet as the minimum area, furniture, as well as with power back up machine.

7. What Services can I provide through Kiosk banking of NICT?

Initially, Kiosk banking of NICT will allow you to offer essential banking services to the public, which include:

  • Deposit of money
  • Withdrawal of money
  • Money transfer to the account holders of other banks in other locations
  • Although banks can improve the product list of Business Correspondents, the work will start after stabilization.

8. In what ways can I generate an income after becoming a CSP Kiosk Banking of NICT?

You can improve your bottom line in several ways after becoming a CSP Kiosk Banking of NICT. You will be provided with handsome commissions on every banking service you offer to the public. You can get a substantial income by opening a new bank account, making people to deposit or withdraw their money, as well as on loans and Money Transfer. You can also earn a civilized income by offering other services as required by the banks.

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